Friday, May 26, 2006

President Bush Adopts Ebonics During News Conference With Prime Minister Blair in Attempt to Seem "Cool" in Front of "Out of Towners."

If you didn't hear this press conference or think that I'm lying (which I completely understand), go here.

Q Prime Minister, this is possibly your last official visit to Washington as Prime Minister --

PRESIDENT BUSH: Wait a minute. (Laughter.) Back-to-back disses.

Yeah, that's right. Bush said "Back-to-back disses." Speculation suggests that he may have picked up this word after repeated visits to various jails across the country while bailing out his daughters on various drunk driving charges.

And for the President, what will you miss about Tony Blair, and what are you looking for in an eventual replacement?

PRESIDENT BUSH: Hmmm -- I'll miss those red ties, is what I'll miss. (Laughter.) I'll say one thing -- he can answer the question -- don't count him out. Let me tell it to you that way. I know a man of resolve and vision and courage. And my attitude is, I want him to be here so long as I'm the President.

PRIME MINISTER BLAIR: Well, what more can I say? (Laughter.) Probably not wise to say anything more at all. (Laughter.)

Here's something, too: Besides the awkward silence after Blair's last comment, and it was very awkward- seriously, he really did think it wise not to say anything more at all, and so he literally didn't, leaving the room full of reporters waiting blankly to see if he was being serious, a few twitters of nervous laughter here and there- there is an interesting omission from the above transcript, which did come directly from the White House site. I'm telling you- click on the above link and read the transcripts for yourself. It's amazing. In Bush's last sentence, what really aired was, "And my attitude is, I want him to be here so long as I'm the President, which is another 2 1/2 years." Oh, wait. No- the 2 1/2 year comment came from earlier in the press conference when he was talking about being Commander-in-Chief. Whatever. The point is that it's only 1 1/2 more years. Maybe Bush just slipped up again. He's certainly been known for his flubs during speeches, hasn't he, the little scamp?! But, I'll keep the conspiratorial side of me alive, too, and just say to not be surprised if there is some grand mal in the next election that causes Bush to stay in office until 2009 (or beyond!), and if/when that happens, I will gladly take your money, whether it be from a bet we made, or that you have taken me as your personal messiah and savior- either of which I will be glad to oblige you with. Now: go read those transcripts. And wait'll you get to the last two lines. I sense some fan fiction sites popping up after this open-endedness! Steamy!

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Kristen said...

The audio clip was awesome. God, what a schmuck.

Allie D. said...

Alright dude, where the fuck have you been?? :)

Hope you're well!

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