Wednesday, May 17, 2006

San Francischronicles, Chapter 5.

And now, for the picture that you all knew was coming, but didn't think I'd actually go through with posting. You thought you knew me better. You were wrong.

I'm guessing this is art. I'm not sure.

Tree-sittin.' I think my facial expression conveys that.

Yancy's Bar. Rebecca's mom used to work here. Note the ancient cash register, which they actually use. For transactions. Of a financial nature.

Waiting for a bus that refused to come.



Allie D. said...

Gosh, San Fran is SO artsy! I'm surprised you haven't captured any of that in your photos! hehehehe

Anonymous said...

Great photos & great fun. I didn't realize R used to live in SF. Your shot on the trolley cracked me up. Have fun. CU soon. M&B

Justin Sawyer said...

So, I was walking past a bar in my neighborhood the other day and outside there was a toy horse tied up to a metal ring which was anchored into the curb. This was the most shockingly funny thing I've seen in several years. I laughed uncontrollably for ten minutes.

It was art, though. Really fucking funny art. There needs to be more of that in the world.

Enjoy your vacation.

Claudette said...

Great photos...I didn't know your mom was a bartender Rebecca?!

Can we please all move to lower Haight now? Thank you.