Saturday, May 20, 2006

San Francischronicles, Chapter 8.

Sometimes people kiss other people on boats. So what? Why don't you lay off, man?

At the Mucky Duck in Inner Sunset with Mike the Awesome. The Mucky Duck is the best bar in San Francisco, for numerous reasons. Note the flagrant display of an ashtray in the lower left corner of the photo. Actually, that's pretty much it. And they have PBR on tap. And fully sanctioned giants for bartenders.

Click on this picture to fully understand what I stared at the entire ride home from the bar, and my subsequent dumbfoundedness. I'm still not sure what that lump is, and I'm not even drunk now. Oh, wait. Yes, I am.


Horrible photograph of the Roxie Theatre, where we saw an awesome documentary about Bolerium Books as well as "As Smart as They Are," a documentary about the band One Ring Zero, who play at a lot of McSweeney's events. They have an entire album of music with lyrics written by a bunch of awesome authors: Paul Auster, Jonathan Lethem, Dave Eggers, to name but a few. I say "we saw," but in reality, Rebecca fell asleep through the entire film. It's okay. She was tired. As am I. So, so tired.

My Mecca: 826 Valencia. Only this time, at night.

At the Elbo Room in Mission District. As you can tell, we're serious. Serious about things. Namely that a 12 oz. can of PBR costs $3.50 here. Rebecca: "Are you fucking kidding?!" Me: " *sigh* No... I'm not. I'm really not this time."

Photograph from inside a photo booth. Whoah... I just blew my own mind.

The end result.

And thus ends my work week's worth of free internet at the hotel. I cannot promise anymore posts before I return home, for I know not what the future holds. We rented an automobile, and tomorrow we venture into the unknown, by which I mean the hotel we stay at may or may not have free internet access from our room. We're roughing it! Please stay tuned, however. I have something that, if I cannot get up tonight, will be up very soon that I am absolutely positive you will want to see, if for no other reason than to see how lame I really am. Trust me.

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Claudette said...

So have you two decided to move to the Bay area yet?! If so count me in as your third whell/ roommate extraordinaire. I mean it. Really.