Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Completely rare and totally improvised Rise and Shine song!

This one's from the vaults. Forgive the poor audio, but alas, that is the effect the vault has on things. The lyrics to this lost gem are below. Enjoy it now, for soon it will be gone forever. (The vault is in the process of being repossessed.) THIS IS AN AUDIO POST. If you cannot see the "Play this Post" button, it is directly underneath the lyrics to the song on the left. Just move your mouse around a little until you get the pointin' finger. You know, the finger that points you to rock. There's also probably a faint grey box around the link, too. Get in touch with me if you can't play the post.

"Meat is murder. Dairy is rape. Don't mind a rapin' now and then (Don't mind if I do!). Of course, I'm only jesting. (I don't participate.) I just communicate.. through m'songs(and my-). Don't touch that animal- it's not what you think!(It's a fucking human being! It's flesh and blood..) Well, it's not a human being, but it's flesh and blood. That is true, I think.(It's a human being!)It's flesh and blood. But don't kill it! No, not tonight! Not for anything. Not for anything tonight! Not for any..thing... tonight. And I see you walking- around. Got an animal in your trap, well, I don't *garbled lyrics -ed.* now. Mama, tell me why animals gotta die! So you can eat- blood- on your teeth. Mama, tell me why your tongue is(red)- coated in blood- (On your teeth.)."

this is an audio post - click to play


james said...

I wish I could hear this embarassing song, but I'm at work. Durn!

james said...

Nevermind, work be damned I heard it. But I couldn't make sense of those high-pitched voices.

Jonathan said...

Embarassing? This is brilliance in its most shining and epic form! I'm actually considering re-recording this song, but well this time. Wanna play bass?