Monday, February 20, 2006

This one's for John.

A = 2nd (1-23)
A = 3rd (24-46)

First Place wins a prize.


Forsooth and truly, it is fine to admonish the weak- they bask in their own glory; they mate without "achtung," to borrow a word, and feeling is nothing more than attachment to phony, peasantine ideals. Our crass, yet passive and unemotional acceptance of this ignominy comes as no surprise, given the state of the system we currently find ourselves in. Should one ask oneself the all-important question (hah! Quite unlikely, we may only asssume...), failing, after all, our Byzantine predecessors who, at the time, though proficient in Middle aged bedding, drew, nonetheless, very inaccurate conclusions about human interaction, still were able to accept the one thought we've assuaged ourselves from for so long: Will absenteeism absolve Every Day Man from the beauty- the blasphemy- of care and loyalty? Verily, he must begin anew.


Anonymous said...

give us a hint

Anonymous said...

3 sentences. 46 letters. A starts it, but A settles the score.

Kristen said...

I'm proud to call you my brother. I would accept such a flogging from no one else.

John said...

Holy crap! I thought you were still playing me about the invocation post and I just saw this. Give me some time.

Anonymous said...

You are BRILLIANT, my dear. absolutely brilliant. Love.