Thursday, November 24, 2005

What's this stupid pond metaphor all about?

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What a stupid fucking picture. You should be ashamed of yourself, Urshel Taylor. This picture, to me, embodies the stupidity of Thanksgiving, and what it means to people who refuse to see the past staring back through its shallow, watery grave, as we modern day narcissists stare at the surface of the pond and pat ourselves on the back for a history well done. But, Brendan Kelly said it best, so here it is- the best song about Thanksgiving ever written. Maybe not, but at least for my current purposes, yes, it is.

"Third graders holding hands. Indians and Pilgrims celebrate their newfound land. Tried to teach me that at school. Make the white race look superior, that's always been their rule. Now I can't believe we celebrate Thanksgiving as a holiday of unity and peace. If I had my way, we'd all dress in black, and Daddy would serve up the white meat. 'Cause genocide is nothing to celebrate. Extinction don't deserve a parade. Well, we perpetuate those lies with the turkeys that we buy. I tried explaining to my mom, but she's too afraid to admit to herself that her race is a killing machine. Take a look around your town and who do you see? The Native American's surprisingly absent in his own indigenous land. Do you want to know why? It's 'cause we killed them all. It's not that hard to understand. Yeah, so I go to college, and you know what I learned? That 80 million people were killed by my grandpa, your grandpa, and all of their friends. They bleached out our continent but that's not the end. The last full blooded Aborigine died a century ago. If it's possible, there's a place in the Southern Hemisphere with a history even worse than our own. No one finds it peculiar that a tropic island is full of people just like you and me. 'Cause Australia's a piece of shit floating in the Pacific bouyed by the blood of the Aborigine."

Yeah, take that, Australia!


Kristen said...

Yeah, we suck, but Australia REALLY sucks. So let's all have some friggin' pumpkin pie.

Transmit Failure said...

the broadways rule.

Jonathan said...

Yes sir! Thank you for validating the last eight years of my life.