Sunday, November 20, 2005

It's mine!

I did it. I've bested my ebay foes, and acquired...

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...a stupid ass jacket that I paid $40 for. This would have been a mitzvah had the Stryper Zippo that I was really vying for not been greedily snatched from under me at the last ebay second. I have sworn my vengeance, however, and vengeance will be mine. I'm gonna swoop the fuck out of that Stryper hog. He won't even know what hit him. At which point I'll be stuck with more useless Stryper crap. But, let it be known across the land- I will spend every dime I have to exact revenge on the one who has slighted my honor! I will not stand to be disrespected, and have the privilege of owning a severely ironic lighter taken from me in such a cruel, heartless way. Prepare to be disappointed. (I was talking to myself in that last sentence.)


Zahra said...

Jason is blogging ... woohoo
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rebecca said...

i'm truly sorry you lost your stryper lighters sweetie. I know you're probably over it by now, but that sucked! It was so close.

james said...

I'm just glad Jason is blogging. Christ, Jason! Had us waiting long enough, didn't you?