Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Many accolades to you if you are one of the few people looking at this blog unprompted by a link from a website. If you are new, I must certainly welcome you with open arms. If you are not, you should now be used to being turned away in callous fashion by these arms that are quite full, at the moment, with fresh, new readers. I thank you for your patronage, new readers. Old readers- I scorn your patronage. You are merely a spectre of the past. The future lies with all these new people! New or old, I beseech you all to sign up for my new email list, which I have listed below. I ask you to perform this simple task only if you wish to receive emails from me on occasion directing you to something (most likely on this very blog) that I deem of import- namely any various rant, complaint, or hogswizzle I might have posted herein. I thank you in advance for your patronage. But, that's it... Don't expect anything else from me. I've done my part already by thanking you. After this, it would just start to get weird. You understand..

Again, please sign up for my mailing list. If you so choose..

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Anonymous said...

where are you?

i'll sign up 5 times if you come back