Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Terrible PUNditry: Poetically Correct.

It is no great epiphany to say that Governor Sarah Palin is clearly a master of the spoken word. But here, through the ancient wisdom and mystical nature of Japan's finest export, the haiku, we are able to extract even deeper, more meaningful connections to this brilliant orator, one carved in the stalwart traditions of such titans as Lincoln, Churchill, and Kennedy.

Unless otherwise noted, all references to the following material may be viewed at your leisure here.

On Experience

"Now, what I've done as
Governor and as Mayor
Is (inaudible)."

On Tax Reform

"Still on the tax thing
Because I want to correct
You on that again."

On Domestic Drilling

"Senator McCain
Does support this, yes. The chant
Is 'drill, baby, drill.'"

On Iraq

"Your plan is a white
Flag of surrender and that's
Not what our troops need."

On Nuclear Armament

"Nuclear weaponry
Here in the U.S. is used
As a deterrent."

On Leadership

"John McCain tapped me
And said, 'That's where I want you,
I want you to lead.'"

On McCain

"Who has been there and
He's faced challenges and he
Knows what evil is."

On Foreign Policy

"A comment like that
Was made to char- I don't know.
You know, reporters."

Viewable here.

On Personal Media Choices

"I've read most of them,
A great appreciation
For the media."

"All of 'em, any
That have been in front of me
Over all these years."

Viewable here.

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Allie D. said...

I fucking love you. LMAO! I need to share this with my lefty radical buddies, if that's ok. :)