Friday, April 28, 2006

The true Spirit of Truth.

I may be getting too caught up with publishing videos instead of actual writing on this blog, but there is no way I could not put this up. This might be the best thing I've ever seen, and I'm sure you'll agree. Many of you may have already seen the purest gold of "Spirit of Truth," seeing as it is a nearly ten year old piece of footage, but I don't care. It's too amazing. "Anybody resistin' can goddamn my ass kissin'."


Kristen said...


too much laughing

Johnny Five said...

God fucking dammit, i had to make a blog just to comment on this!...what the motherfuck happened to my people JP?

Jonathan said...

You know, Johnny, you can sign in anonymously or as "other" on this blog. It was unnecessary for you to create a blog just to leave comments. Oh well- now you can leave comments to your heart's content. Perhaps your blog can surmise the answer as to just what the fuck did happen to your people. But, as far as I'm concerned, they just got more and more awesome.

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Andie D. said...

Holy crap! WTF?

I think I've been saved by this goddammed video.

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